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Troy Allen

Troy is a Czech a native, very sweet and easygoing with a good sense of humor. He debuted on the Casting Couch in May 2004 and, of all the models shown, he was our members’ top choice. Troy is in University studying engineering, and is known for his naturally curly hair, which sets him apart from most other Bel Ami models. We thought about cutting it, but if the new cut did not work out, we would have had to wait a very long time for it to grow back to normal. Although popular with our members, “he never made it big, and I never understood it,” recalls George Duroy. “His climaxes were endless, and almost violent.” Troy is a natural athlete and a runner (“You can tell this is where he gets his great ass,” George says). He was an excellent top; however, “I would say he was the best bottom I ever encountered in my career, with no competition,” George says. “He was the most sensitive, the most eager, the most sensual. There were many others who were close, but he was the best.” We remember Troy’s exceedingly sensitive skin. “If you just stroked his arm lightly, for a little bit, he would get aroused and get a hard-on,” George says. “Just from light touches! I’ve never seen anybody so responsive to light stroking and touches and kissing. He was probably the most romantic, in his soul, of all Bel Ami models. He could also blush very easily, one of the few who could. But the minute you started to fuck him, he couldn’t get enough. He could really wear you down.” Troy easily formed emotional attachments to people, and eventually found a relationship which satisfied him and was important to him, so he decided to stop modeling. But he gave Bel Ami a year to finish everything we planned to do with him. This demonstrates his innate decency.

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