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Dano Sulik

Dano is still around, works occasionally with us, and still visits with George Duroy regularly (“He is material for a novel,” George says.) He is one of Bel Ami’s most famous models. George considers him “a curious character” and admires him for his sexual prowess. “Of all the boys I have ever worked with, Dano probably was the kinkiest and most sexual,” he says. “There was absolutely nothing he wouldn’t do. I’ve never seen anybody able to have so much sex, so often, and in such variety.” We call him “a walking Kama Sutra.” Dano runs through so many sexual positions we sometimes wonder where it all comes from in that head! Dano came from a difficult family background where he moved back and forth between divorced parents. This left an imprint on his personality. “I knew him even before I started to shoot porn,” George recalls. They met in 1990 or ’91 in a disco. “He was very cocky and pulling up his T-shirt to show off. He was very funny. He was so cute that I stopped him and asked to shoot photographs, but he wasn’t yet 18. We became friends, and I kept in touch with him. When he was finally 18, we started to work together and he became one of my first stars.” He is totally bisexual, equally good as a top or bottom. His main problem is he would come almost instantly, almost without touching his dick. But then, he often could come three times in a row, as well! “In earlier days we had him substitute, in close-ups, for boys who simply couldn’t get hard,” George recalls. He worked for a time as a cameraman for Bel Ami, but he was simply too impatient for the job. Today he is divorced, lives with three pit bull dogs and works as a cab driver. There is so much more we could say about Dano Sulik. “He is a part of my life,” George says.

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