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Rhys Jagger

Rhys Jagger first came to us in the summer of 2011 and we made a photo session with us. He was brought into our office first by Phillipe Gaudin as they were friends from the same hometown.
We wanted to take him with us to Cape Town in 2011/12 but at the time he didn't want to shoot porn, and continued not wanting to for another 18 months, so we missed out on his 'young and crunchy' period. He finally came to us in late 2012 and started shooting in earnest in 2013, although by then 2 years older he still had his charming smile and personality which made it worthwhile in the first place.
For a while, Rhys spent most of his time living in London, but now is a full time employee in our Bratislava offices.
You may remember when we first showed him to you we mentioned that when he came for his casting he brought a friend to keep him company during the 5 hour drive. That friend was Dylan Maguire who on the spot also decided to do a casting and also went on to make quite an impression with all BelAmi fans.

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