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Marcel Gassion

Marcel is a peculiar case. Although he wasn’t a professional when he came to us, he was Marcel was essentially boxing professionally. This comes with obvious tooth issues. I’ve been itching to take him to the dentist for some time, but things are often somewhat more complicated than they appear at first blush. Marcel drifted into our office wounded, abandoned and feeling unloved – on the verge of tears. He’d just broken up with his girlfriend. It was immediately clear that we’d be able to shoot with Marcel, so I asked him, “What can we do with you?” Leveling his forlorn gaze at me, he responded, “Do what you will!” “Don’t say that twice, “ I told him, “because you might just end up with a cock up your ass.” “I don’t care,” he murmured, “I’ll try anything you throw at me.” And that’s exactly what followed. I should probably also note that we went through a tough period with Marcel. Emotionally, he was all over the place and it took us a long time until we managed to calm him down and put him back together. Things have now settled down and he’s blossomed into a first-rate model and an asset to Bel Ami. I think he’ll turn out to be a good Top as well. He’s the type of model that’s unwaveringly reliable – like a Swatch. He has this internal sense of military precision. Maybe this is because his father is a professional soldier. From what Marcel has told me about his father, I have a feeling he’s the kind of ‘army dad’ you find in the film American Beauty. With Marcel I see great potential within Bel Ami, even beyond his career as a model. He’s trustworthy and a boy of multi-faceted talents. Another notable change, since we started shooting with Marcel, is that he discovered he kind of likes it up the ass. Now he’s pondering whether he may not be as singularly heterosexual as he initially thought! I’m convinced that he enjoys each shoot.

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