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Marc Vidal

You can see Marc Vidal on the covers of “Alpine Adventure,” “Personal Trainers 7” and “Johan’s Journal, Part 1: Sun-Kissed.” Marc is classy and very handsome with strong, masculine qualities. He definitely likes attention. Marc is very sensual and has a special energy that comes across beautifully when eyed through the lens of a camera. Photographer Howard Roffman worked with Marc in South Africa and compared him to an archetypal Hollywood star like Cary Grant. He simply exudes that kind of elegance. Marc is close friends with Yves Carradine, and for many years he worked as a “trainer” for our new models. Many of our boys had their first sex with Marc. “He definitely enjoyed sex with boys as much as with girls,” George Duroy recalls. “He is equally good topping or bottoming; he was one of the boys who could cum while bottoming; he would climax three times if you fucked him long enough. Sexually, he was up for anything, in any situation, and it was a real pleasure to work with him.” Last we heard, Marc was working in real estate and also in the hotel business. For many years he was an important part of the Bel Ami family. Marc did shoot a lot of stuff for other companies, but George does not mind. “Here and there, I will sign a boy who has shot for other companies if I think he is worth it,” George says, “and that was the case with Marc.”

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