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Joel Birkin

Sometimes it takes me weeks to convince a boy to film with us. Sometimes it takes me months, and sometimes it takes more than a year. Kris Evans is one of the latter, as is of course Joel Birkin. Joel’s story started with my promise to one of our Hungarian model scouts that if he found a young man with a 11 inch dick that I would buy him a new car. After several months effort he came up with Joel Birkin. Joel’s dick is not 11 inches but reasonably close to 10 (by American porn standards though it is probably much more, depending on the talents of the cameraman). Joel’s story is a long and a funny one and I will share it with you over time on KinkyAngels where he is already available on a regular basis. His introduction to BelAmiOnline will be in September in Scandal in the Vatican Pt 2.

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