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Misha Akunin

As mentioned previously when his first episode was released, Misha is a Russian student in Prague. When he first arrived, he looked like a little babeójust like Kevin Warhol did. He was like an innocent child. Now that he works out a bit more, heís starting to look athletic. We had a dramatic period during which he started to change dramatically and very quickly. We then discovered that he was eating nothing else but 3kg of cottage cheese. I donít know what got into his head, but he started to gain a lot of weight as a result. He looked like a gorilla, which isnít natural for his body type. He has more Kevin-esque attributes. I have a sneaking suspicion that Misha is also a bit of a diva Ė itís clear that he loves to put on a show and does so with relish. My intuition tells me that Misha will be with us for a long time. Weíll see if he leaves on of his own volition. But Iím unsure about Misha in the long term. I can see that viewers like him, but his longevity may not be as good as our other models. Regardless, heís solid and willing.

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