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Rick Fontana

Rick was a successful fashion model and did a lot of work for big department stores and catalogs. He was a very good model, but in the Czech Republic very few people make a living with this profession as it is a small country. Nevertheless, George Duroy believes Rick is probably still working as a model. Here is an interesting story about Rick: soon after he began working for Bel Ami, George discovered he was moonlighting as a driver for one of Prague’s major escort agencies! When a customer called for a girl, Rick would drive her out and back, and make sure she was safe. “He was also one of my thriftiest models,” George recalls. “Rick was one of the boys who was always thinking about the future and saving money. He was always careful about accounting, which was very unusual because most of the boys couldn’t care less.” George says Rick’s first episode was “quite a disaster” after it was noticed that Rick was giving an “air blowjob,” meaning that he was putting the dick in his mouth without really touching it. George stopped filming and had a firm discussion with Rick about what it means to shoot for a porn company, and also gave him the option to leave if he desired. But Rick stuck around. “Since that time, he improved significantly and became very relaxed,” George says. “You can see how far he has come in the Johan’s Journal episode from Barcelona where he is jerking off on the top of a double-decker bus, in full traffic, without blinking an eye. That is how relaxed he became!” (Look for that episode on DVD in “Johan’s Journal 2: Eye Candy”.) Rick has worked for Bel Ami for a long time and he is still available if we need him.

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