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Johnny Bloom

Johnny Bloom is the brother of Benjamin Bloom, who was quite popular in his own time. Even though Benjamin told us Johnny could film with us, I firmly believe that Benjamin didn’t drag him in, but that Johnny found his own path to us – just like he did with his studies. Both brothers come from a very small town. For Benjamin, shooting with Bel Ami improved and liberated his lifestyle by enabling him to move to Prague. Johnny thought he’d try to take the same path. Each of them is a little different. For instance, when Benjamin first came to us, he was very blond and gentle (or appeared that way, at least). Then he bulked up after discovering bodybuilding and now owns his own gym. Johnny, on the other hand, is tall and lanky (and when I say “tall”, I mean at least 6’3”). But Johnny also has a tendency that he works out too much. In his first couple of episodes he’s still boyish (courtesy of his slender figure), but later on he developed more of a muscular build, so you can ‘date’ his scenes somewhat by body type.

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