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Phillipe Gaudin

Phillipe comes from a very small village. "It's a really god-forgotten place," G. Duroy jokes. "The internet does not exist in such a remote village, therefore Phillipe feels he is safe from discovery. But I would not be so sure." He was perhaps the most even-tempered of his generation of Bel Ami boys. He reminds George of Colin Hewitt because Phillipe is virtually always in a good mood and enterprising about how to improve things for himself. "He would not get stuck even in Patagonia," George says. "He always figures out how to make some business for himself. He could sell sand to Arabs in the Sahara." When he first came to our offices, his future plans included becoming a diplomat. We had to explain to him that shooting porn and working as a diplomat do not go together. Being very practical, he figured out that he would prefer to have his freedom. He is extremely sexual and horny virtually all the time. Phillipe is sensual like his cousin and is perhaps a bit cuter, if not as hung. His enthusiasm for sex comes across in one particular way: moaning. Some customers feel Phillipe fakes his erotic moaning and groaning, but this is simply an expression of his sexual enthusiasm and sensual nature.
Phillipe now has a full time job as production manager and also heads up the BelAmiChat team.

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