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Dan Arlett

Dan is a boy who did a photoset for us: a double-photoset, in fact! Dan’s first set was with Howard Roffman in Budapest and his second was a photoshoot and solo combo. As a particularly “macho” model, Dan wanted nothing to do with any of our boys and was adamantly opposed to any filming. As often happens with models like these, Dan fell off the radar. Except, in this instance, he resurfaced on a TV reality show. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before one fan or another ferreted out everything that he’d ever done. In this case, it was his naked pictures with Bel Ami. Not knowing how to react, Dan came to me for advice. “The key,” I told him, “is to own it – tell them all where they can find you. Some people do shoots for playboy, you just happened to do the same for Bel Ami – the best brand of its kind in the world. If they’re so fixated on your cock, tell them where they can get a better look. You certainly have nothing to be embarrassed about.” Dan apparently took these words to heart, telling anyone who was interested “well, go take a look!” The attention didn’t do him any harm and I think that he may even have won the competition. Once he was done, he came back to us—all smiles—for another photoset. Sadly, however, he hadn’t changed his stance on doing anything more.

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