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Liam Phoenix

Liam never became the big star George Duroy expected, but he is still considered to be one of the sexiest models to come through our offices. “He had freckles and was a redhead, but not too much,” George recalls. “He was never loud or pushy, always smiling, very reliable, with one of the most beautiful cocks I’ve seen. I like fat dicks with big heads, and Liam’s fit the bill. He was lean and slightly muscular, which is exactly how I like it.” He loved to give blowjobs and had problems staying hard in a condom, which worked out fine because Liam preferred to bottom. He was actually eager about it. Liam was introduced to Bel Ami through his friend, Tim Hamilton. He stayed under contract for five or six years and accompanied us on all of the African trips. He wasn’t as well-known as some of the other models, but he was very important part of our operation at the time. Liam eventually found a girlfriend and decided to lead a more normal, structured life. “I never got tired of him,” George says. There is another model with this surname, Niall Phoenix, who is Liam’s real-life brother.

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