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Sascha Chaykin

Sascha worked for us for us for a long time now, about 13 years altogether. He has a fantastic body and a very thick penis; Sascha’s fellow models nicknamed his penis “The Vulture” for how it hangs down so low. He is one of the previous “generation” of Bel Ami models who is still around, although his brother Roman is no longer working. Yes, they really are brothers! They are two years apart. “Sascha is the younger one and they have very different personalities,” George Duroy recalls. “Sascha is a real extrovert, whereas Roman is much more withdrawn. He is quite a comedian; he can dance and would be a very good hip-hop artist. If everything is going fine, he has a happy personality and becomes extremely sexual.” George describes Sascha in bed as “panther-like. He has a beautiful body and his sexual moves are almost elegant.” Sascha can be very cuddly and also very dirty; he can perform almost any kind of sex. He is something of a sexual chameleon and can adapt to his partner and to their mood. “He is one of the boys whom I really like to work with,” George says. “It is a real pleasure for me.” However, in the beginning, George almost passed on him. A Bel Ami talent scout discovered Sascha and his brother making pocket money by cleaning car windows at a gas station. When they came into the offices, Sascha had very long hair that George didn’t like. “He looked like a Mongolian a little bit,” George recalls. “I told him he is proof that Genghis Khan visited this country!” Sascha currently works as a cab driver.

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