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The VHS version of "Frisky Summer" is Bel Ami`s best selling video. Now this extraordinary film is on DVD, in its original version, with no additional material. As a special bonus, we include a second disk containing an expanded version of "Tender Strangers," starring internationally famous superstar Lukas Ridgeston in his video debut. Tender Strangers" was the first Bel Ami video ever. Its unprecedented success convinced George Duroy, Bel Ami`s producer/director, to continue making videos. This edition of "Tender Strangers" has all the original scenes, [i]plus two additional solos[/i], one with Julian Armanis (from the VHS version of "Frisky Summer 3"), the other with Alex Petersen (originally in the VHS version of "Lukas` Story 2"). No one can afford to miss this combination of the two videos which put Bel Ami on the map and kept it there. DVD - No regional coding. "Frisky Summer 1: Best Friends" is 88 minutes, "Tender Strangers" is now 104 minutes.
DVD | 240 min | Region Free
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