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Once again Bel Ami has dug deep into their vaults and found a few titillating trysts to include in Flings 4 where eight handsome, oversexed models indulge in flings in four sexually-charged episodes, including a bonus one that makes showering voyeuristically stimulating. Entering the barn from their walk in the countryside, Luke Hamill lifts his friend, Keanu Faria, up over his shoulder and carries him to a conveniently placed blanket in the hay. Either Luke is being particularly playful, or he’s horny as hell and wants to get his nut off with this lovable imp as quickly as possible. Knowing Luke … it’s the latter. They quickly settle into the enveloping straw as snug as a bug in a rug. Keanu is so cute, gentle and petite it’s no wonder Luke is so attentive and anxious to roll in the hay with this adorably sweet young lad. Luke can be gentle and sweet as well, but he’s also determinedly aggressive in attaining his quest. The sweet smell of honey between Keanu’s thighs beckons like a siren song. With the foreplay preliminaries out of the way, i.e. cock sucking, cum eating and butt-hole licking, Keanu’s rosebud spreads its pink petals to allow entry of Luke’s throbbing appendage. When Keanu breathlessly utters “Fuck my brains out!” and “Pound my ass like there’s no tomorrow!” well, that’s lyrical music to Luke’s ear. By the end of their Barn Fling, Keanu’s brains are still in his head, but the petals are definitely off the rose as Luke’s warm cum splatters over Keanu’s sweaty body. “I have a little love nest up there, so I thought I’d show it to you,” said the spider to the fly. Or more accurately: Jacques Briere said to Kieron Athey as he parked his SUV in the car lot. Carrying an armful of shopping bags, they proceed to Jacques’s “love nest.” While emptying the bags, though, Jacques seems more interested in unpacking what’s stuffed in Kieron’s jeans. As Shopping Fling unfolds, Jacques rips his new friend’s clothes off lickety-split. The tall slender Kieron stands totally naked by the dining room table as Jacques chomps away on his pecker. Turning around and leaning across the table, he then has his dark-hued butt-hole rimmed by Jacques’s agile tongue. Kieron definitely enjoys having his colleague’s face buried deep between his butt cheeks. Soon, something else is buried deep between them: Jacques’s boner. There’s something really sexy about a tall lanky lad leaning over and being eaten and fucked up the ass. Shortly, the action moves to the bedroom where Kieron is riding Jacques’s cock like a thoroughbred racing down the track towards the finish line at the Kentucky Derby. By the end, both attain nirvana by exploding their pent-up energy in huge gobs of white sticky cum befitting a pair of purebreds. Kitchen Fling finds Matt Philippe and Alex Orioli preparing a salad while talking about having been fucked by past lovers. The food is swiftly put away, and just as quickly both are completely naked as jaybirds with Alex sucking on Matt’s veiny cucumber. No foreplay required for these sexy hunks, thank you very much. It’s straight to the heavy stuff. Alex is giving Matt’s sizably bulging dick a good going over while we watch the intensity of Matt’s feelings on his expressive face. After shooting his high-octane wad all over Alex’s face, they move to the stairs where Matt engulfs Alex’s love muscle even while massaging Alex’s perineum and fingering his expectant anus. Now that’s multitasking! Next, it’s off to the couch where Matt stuffs his throbbing vein into Alex’s proffered backside. Watching Matt’s soft, beefy buttocks flex as he burrows deep into Alex’s moist hole is a bedazzling sight to behold. Alex’s undercarriage is a beautiful sight as well. The pubic hair swirling about his gonads, perineum and growing down his inner thighs is enough to make any body hair aficionado wet their unmentionables with buckets of pre-cum. Matt, being the considerate lover that he is, gives Alex a big kiss after shooting his juice all over the place. “I see you’re pretty good at playing with balls,” says Brandon Manilow to Manuel Rios after a good-natured game of pool in Billiard Fling. After more teasing banter back-and-forth about Manuel’s balls, Brandon reaches down into his buddy’s shorts and grabs a handful. After Manuel shoots his load all over Brandon’s shoulder, they retire to the bedroom. While Manuel is taking care of business between Brandon’s thighs, Brandon is reaching back to feel around Manuel’s nethers, clearly signaling his fervent desire. Meanwhile, Manuel is swelling our libidos to the breaking point as he lies on the mattress with legs spread apart; revealing his nads getting tighter and tighter as Brandon enthusiastically pumps his cock in a very energetic manner. And then there’s Manuel’s dark body hair growing all around his undercarriage and spreading out over the bottom half of his soft white butt cheeks, driving lovers of the hirsute to utter distraction. The desire to bury one’s face right up into that area is overpowering, quickening our heartbeats at the mere thought of feeling Manuel’s soft butt and thigh skin, and curly dark hair, brushing up against our faces. Brandon might not be drawn by the pubes, but he sure is interested in Manuel’s little pinkie hole hidden amongst them so he can give him the pounding fuck he so wantonly craves. Brandon is definitely relishing the whole experience for he can’t wait a nanosecond longer to withdraw and shoot his foaming nectar all over Manuel’s buttocks. You haven’t experienced the joy of looking at a man’s body until you watch Manuel Rios taking a warm soapy shower in the bonus segment, Shower Fling. Taking a gander at him as he washes all the intimate parts of his well-toned and well-formed body is an indescribable treat. One thing is for certain: the area between his butt cheeks, i.e. his crack, is the cleanest area on his body. And who’s watching Manuel with studied curiosity, other than us? Keanu Faria is licking his chops as he voyeuristically spies upon Manuel’s reverie. Long story short, Keanu, with his dick at full throttle, slithers in to join Manuel. They don’t stay in the shower long, though, before stepping out, drying off and doing something wicked that undoes all that meticulous cleansing around the groin. Keanu might look cute and innocent, but underneath, he’s quite a naughty little boy. After drying ourselves off, we realize how easy it can be to have a fling virtually anywhere, anytime—especially after watching an imaginative Bel Ami video like … well, Flings 4. For nature lovers, it can be a barn; for chefs, it can be the kitchen itself; and for those who believe cleanliness is next to godliness, there’s no better place than under a nozzle of warm water flowing down our soapy, hot, tingly bodies. Whew! Let’s watch the video tape once more!
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