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When Strangers become lovers Our first Fling ‘Double Fling’ begins with newcomers Jean Ledoux and Kevin Elola out taking in some sites. When they want to have their picture taken they come across Paul Valery and Luke Hamill who are more than willing to help them out. The boys split into Pairs with Kevin and Paul heading off for the first encounter and Luke offering to show Jean a few new things. Next up are Brandon Manilow and Oleg Tarkowski in the ‘Swimming Pool Fling’. Brandon being the outstanding top at BelAmi and Oleg being no slouch as a bottom, makes this a memorable encounter. We are back next with Paul Valery and Luke Hamill, this time together in the ‘Photosession Fling’. Both mainstays of the BelAmi crew you can look forward to something special here with Luke back in his roll of bottom to Paul’s top. The ‘Morning Fling’ starts off with Rick Fontana and Andreas Mouskouri in the bath together. After soaping, lathering and cleaning each other, they are off to the kitchen for breakfast.. oops sorry, they did not quite make it to breakfast becoming distracted by other activities on the way. Todd Rosset and Davy Paxton pair up for the ‘Tennis Fling’. Both athletic guys soon take the action off court and back inside. Watch out for the rimming that Davy gives young Todd in this one. Todd surely must have the sweetest rosebud of all guys.
DVD | 150 min | Region Free
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