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After two weeks with his BelAmi compadres in Cape Town, South Africa, Lukas is beginning to recover from the sudden breakup with his boyfriend, Tim Hamilton. He`s even beginning to look at Sascha Chaykin as a good possibility for his next relationship. After Lukas photographs Sascha, the muscled bottom-boy gives Lukas a quick blowjob. But Lukas` hopes are dashed when soon afterward he finds Sascha in the bathroom—in the midst of sex with Sebastian Bonnet. But that disappointment doesn`t stop Lukas from joining them for a threesome. Days later, Lukas photographs all the BelAmi beauties poolside. The boys then rush off to the Turkish bath. Curious, Lukas follows them. When he opens the door he sees a mass of intertwined bodies. Years before, when he walked in on an orgy he just watched. This time he joins. He certainly likes the sex, but because the orgy is so impersonal, Lukas can`t fully participate. Shortly before returning home, Marty Stevens photographs Lukas together with Matt Phiillipe, Matt`s warmth and charm completely overwhelm Lukas, and with Matt he`s finally able to be the romantic and sexual partner of our dreams. "Lukas in Love" is in two parts. Each part will be sold individually, or both parts will be available together in a "Premium Collector`s Edition."
DVD | 150 min | Region Free
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