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In this finale to the first "Personal Trainers" series, Sebastian Bonnet`s consummate talents as a taskmaster are on display just as much as the abilities of the freshmen. Sebastian, joined by Dano Sulik and Brandon Manilow, puts a gifted group of studlets through their paces, drilling them over and over until they know how to have white-hot sex on camera. In the end, each of them received a solid "A+" for his performance. Spontaneous and unrehearsed, the cinema vérité filming captures all the explosive action in the four non-stop sex-a-thons. JIMMY LARSON Jimmy comes from a strongly Catholic family in a small town in Northern Slovakia. He likes bodybuilding and spent the latter half of 2004 doing his military service. On one hand he wants to work with us, on the other he keeps appearing and disappearing so we never know for sure when he`ll show up. We know that people like him as much as we do, but we can`t predict when we`ll be able to film with him. When we shot this episode, the neighboring house was under construction so you might hear some background noise. We tried to eliminate what we could. TODD ROSSET A university student from Bratislava, Todd looks like he`s barely in high school. We were postponing showing him for a long time because he appears to be so young. He`s a very eager bottom, and he had his first training session with Sebastian Bonnet. Sebastian slowly and carefully put his dick into Todd and was so turned on and excited he shot his load in less than 30 seconds. Sebastian said, "Training`s over for today." Happily, Todd kept coming back for more training and we`re continuing to work with him. He has already shot several episodes exclusively for 5-WAY: SEBASTIAN BONNET & BRANDON MANILOW train LUKE HAMILL, TOBIAS HAYEK & COLIN REEVES Colin, Luke and Tobias are schoolmates who came for casting never expecting to work together. Now they`re exceptionally close friends, as you`ll see in the episode. We had already been working with them for a long time—getting them to the point where they`re comfortable on camera—when the driver who was bringing them to their training sessions arranged for them to shoot for another company. This company quickly filmed and released their episodes. Since then we`ve signed them to exclusive contracts. BOLEK POLANSKI & CASPER WATTS This four-way was shot before Bolek Polanski`s training session with Dano Sulik in "Personal Trainers 9." We thought Bolek was so sexual he deserved a session all his own so we put him together with Dano. Bolek loves sports, he plays basketball, swims and goes to the gym regularly. Casper Watts used to be a top-level soccer player but now he`s just into fitness; he can do up to 1000 sit-ups in one session. You`ve already seen him in "Too Many Boys," but since this episode was originally shot for a "Personal Trainers" film we wanted to release it in its proper context.
DVD | 120 min | Region Free
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