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French kissing might have been first practiced by the locals of Brittany all those many moons ago, but it will be George Duroy’s newest film, “French Kiss”, that will show how it’s been perfected by the likes of an adorable and sexy French Canadian by the name of Ralph Woods as he goes about demonstrating his kissing and sexual techniques on some of Bel Ami’s crème de la crème. In return, for those who’ve learned their schoolhouse English well, they’ll try out their best pickup lines to try and seduce this very seductive Quebecer into their romantic lairs. The opening sequence is pure Duroy. With credits rolling Josh Elliot and Keanu Faria jog through a city park, passing the local citizenry relaxing and sunning themselves in this idyllic patch of nature. And what would a Duroy film be without a few domesticated hounds and scavenging pigeons enjoying this heavenly paradise right along with their human companions? The jogging soon turns to playful grab-assing as they throw seeds at each other while darting amongst the trees before they turn to terrorizing people and pigeons alike with their daredevil driving in a bicycle buggy made for two. With male bonding complete Josh pursues another kind of playfulness as he takes Keanu home for an afternoon quickie before he has to leave for a scheduled photo shoot at the studio. The setting is beautiful and calming even as the sex becomes hotter. Josh is really energized by the likes of this adorable little tiger cub who purrs sweetly throughout their tryst. With foreplay out of the way a totally naked Josh, with a rock-hard stiffie swinging from side to side, takes Keanu by the hand and leads him into the bedroom where he pushes him onto the bed. What a breathtaking sight, Josh’s body spread wide apart with one leg propped up on the headboard, the other firmly on the mattress, and Keanu framed perfectly between, sucking on Josh’s third leg. Those superbly smooth lean shanks and squeezably firm butt cheeks of Josh’s lend erotic gravitas to the scene. “Pound me good,” pleads Keanu as Josh enthusiastically thrusts away. Being a considerate playmate Keanu says, “But you won’t have a hard-on for the photo session.” Ah, but Josh, with his strong masculine spirit, vigor and power confidently responds, in English no less, “Don’t worry, baby. My dick is a rock.” Even Keanu’s delectable cock remains hard as Josh pounds away at his hirsute rear. Upon spewing his seed in bucketsful all over his partner’s chest, Josh has to run off to make his appointment. Poor lonely Keanu, left to his own devices, finishes himself off, alone. Johan Paulik is interviewing Ralph in the Bel Ami office lounge as they wait for Josh to arrive, covering such topics as to why he’s working with the company and, on a more personal note, about his husband. Though fully clothed, Ralph sits provocatively astride Johan, spreading his legs apart causing us to lose track of the conversation. With Josh still late for the photo shoot Johan recommends that Ralph finish some paperwork over at the desk where the preppy looking Joel D’Amici awaits. It’s evident from the get-go these two horny lads aren’t going to do any paperwork as they scurry into Mr. Duroy’s office for a quick blow-job. Seeing Joel stretched backward over a wide armrest with his lean stomach flat as a board, his manly protuberance sticking out from his torso like a huge mushroom reaching for the sky, and so vulnerably exposed to the elements, and Ralph’s succulent mouth, is enough to make us jealous of George Duroy’s administrative assistant for … ah, “paperwork.” Poor Ralph, though, doesn’t have time to receive the favor returned as the photo shoot beckons upstairs in the studio. Ralph is in the middle of the shoot when Josh finally arrives, breathless. He commences to blow smoke Marty’s way, explaining his reasons for a belated appearance: jogging, traffic, etc. Naturally, he fails to mention his earlier fling with Keanu. The photo shoot is a great success, though, as Josh and Ralph become intimately comfortable with each other very quickly as they morph from one erotic pose to another, ending with a mutual explosion of cum pelting their chests like fresh fallen snow. After the shoot, while Josh takes a shower, Ralph proceeds downstairs to the office. Surprised and slightly taken aback he comes across Jason Knightley and Dolph Lambert being quite intimate together on the stairs. Jason and Dolph give him barely a nod as they continue to assuage their sexual tensions with blowjobs, ending their public encounter by sucking in each others’ protein enriched goo. Johan tells him that what he saw in the stairwell is a normal occurrence around Bel Ami. When asked how his shoot went with Josh, Ralph responds by asking if he can do an episode with him. Sooner or later Johan assures him, but for now he introduces Paul Valery who’s sitting next to him and explains to Ralph that Paul has certain advantages over Josh, like being much wilder and having a bigger dick to boot. Both become excited as Johan pulls out his wallet and hands them money to go out and get to know each other, which they do over a glass of wine, the elixir of choice for greasing the way towards sex with strangers. After a lively discussion as to who has the bigger cock they make plans for clubbing and dancing before ending up at the hotel where Ralph promises to show Paul his deep-throat skills, all to Paul’s anticipatory delight. The shag takes place in a beautifully romantic setting bathed in a symphony of gold, yellow, salmon, magenta and purple hues, the mood lighting making them vibrantly sharp, yet blending together effortlessly to create a magical environment that soothes the inner soul into a state of peace and tranquility. When the lads start to huff and puff with breathless moaning, peace and tranquility might be a bit hard to fathom, but the room’s atmosphere of sensuality has done its job for they end their animalistic entanglement totally exhausted. The heavily breathing Paul withdraws his throbbing meat from Ralph’s rosebud and shoots, conjunctively with his friend, streams of hot lava across Ralph’s hairless chest. Oh, by the way, they determined that Paul’s was the thicker of the two while Ralph’s was the longest. Next we find ourselves at an outdoor BBQ where there are well over a dozen Bel Ami beauties filling their stomachs around a star-studded picnic table. But as we’re well aware, a hungry young man can’t quench his hunger by food alone, especially Brandon Manilow who’s busily minding the sizzling chicken on the grill. He asks Matt Phillipe to take over as he hands over the grilling utensils. Matt knows Brandon well enough to figure out what he’s up to, but can’t help but ask where he’s off to. “I still have some ‘soft meat’ that needs to be finished off,” Brandon responds. “It’s already prepared, so…” The “soft meat” sausage needing Brandon’s attention belongs to no other than the blow-job virtuoso, Joey Amis, who deep throats Brandon’s pecker as though it were a mere gherkin. The outdoor veranda, where they started cooking their throbbing meat, gets a bit noisy with construction work nearby, so Brandon, eyeing the prospect of pounding Joey’s luscious rear-end into submission, grabs hold of and leads Joey into the house by his love muscle, even as his own fully erect tool bounces from side to side as they scamper indoors. And then, to our utter amazement, we witness the most fantastic video segment ever seen by porn aficionados, at least by Brandon’s legion of fans anyway, of Joey getting the unexpected honor of being the very first guy—at least on film—who rims Brandon’s rosebud. There, before our unbelieving and unblinking eyes, is Joey licking his way up and down Brandon’s wide-open crack with the gusto of a kid licking an ice-cream cone on a hot summer’s afternoon. This short but spectacular snippet of celluloid gold is not to be missed. Joey is quickly rewarded for his agile tongue as Brandon boinks the dickens out of him to the nth degree. If you have a sharp eye you’ll notice Marty Stevens’ dog, Bielko, staring in from the window, no doubt puzzled by these crazy humans’ antics on his master’s sofa. There is indeed one crazy position they get into which is a tad unusual, but otherwise, just your ordinary fare as far as red-hot sweaty sex is concerned. In the end, Joey, being the trooper that he is, slurps his partner’s love-induced ejaculate into his gaping mouth with unrequited relish. Brandon is considerate enough, though, to wipe away the dribbling remains of his sticky cum from around Joey’s lips. This is truly a historic and libido enticing episode for the ages. Back at the BBQ, Ralph and Todd Rosset are having a conversation which invariably leads to sausages and size. After all, what else do virile lads talk about at outdoor picnics, or anywhere else for that matter? Eagerly nosey to find out their respective sausage sizes, they head off together with Luke Hamill looking on with interest, wondering as to their destination and purpose. Arriving hand-in-hand at Bel Ami’s small studio, Todd explains to Ralph, in English, that it’s also used for “fun.” After the preliminaries, by which Ralph gives Todd a deep-throat experience he’ll never forget, Ralph pushes his new foreign friend back upon the countertop, lifts his legs and commences to treat Todd to an equally pleasurable experience of being rimmed and fingered before the finale’s pièce de résistance. Todd returns to the BBQ a little bowlegged where Luke pumps him for information concerning Ralph’s “sausage.” Luke, being nosey as all get-out, has to see for himself and heads out looking for Ralph, who is taking a shower. Luke finds him and after sucking his dick enthusiastically raw in the bathtub, literally carries Ralph to the bedroom to resume their sexual tête à tête in earnest. “Show me your buns so I can eat them,” Ralph says to Luke’s amazement. Not just once did Ralph eat away at Luke’s derrière, but twice. What lucky dudes they both are for Luke gladly returns the favor in spades. What better way to get it moist, though, as Luke’s appendage slides into Ralph’s pucker hole like a hot knife through butter. All ends well with gobs of cum and romantic kisses as the scene and video fade to black. Mr. Duroy has worked his magic once again in eight delightfully erotic episodes featuring eleven gorgeously handsome and sexy models, with his new French Canadian discovery, Ralph Woods, personally French kissing and having carnal knowledge of five of Bel Ami’s best. In those five episodes the language barrier is temporarily lifted, giving each a higher degree of intimacy for the English speaking viewer that’s not fully attainable otherwise. But heck, sex is a universal language. Who needs to articulate words when caressing, hugging, kissing, along with moans, groans and grunts, says it all quite well. For those who like rimming … well, there’s plenty here to satisfy the most demanding amongst us. For those who’ve wanted Brandon’s tushie played with … well, Joey licks that mystery of mysteries to our fervent and everlasting delight. For those who like to hear their favorite models speak English … well, you’ll hear Paul and Todd and a skosh from Josh, with the big surprise coming from Joel who seems to speak with an American accent. Who knew? For those who … okay, just get the video and you’ll be pleasantly surprised and delighted for there’s something for everybody to crow about. Now pucker up for one big wet “French Kiss.” -wwjr Bonus disk contains untitled extended edit of Josh and Ralph, plus Interview with Ralph Woods
DVD | 130 min | Region Free
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